Hierarchy of Typography


Hierarchy of Typography is an 8 week course taught by legendary designer and mentor, Milka Broukhim. The course offered me the opportunity to relearn the fundamentals of design through a new medium. Throughout the course, I worked on hundreds of layouts using a set piece of text, introducing a new technique each week. The resulting practice and repetition engrain in you the power to take on a blank page without fear or hesitation. This book is a record of my experience throughout the course, including process work, inspiration, sketches, and final layouts.


Each week introduces one new tool such as scale, weight, rules, color, image and experimental. I would start with research and inspiration, then diving in to hand-drawn sketches which allow for free exploration. I then digitized each sketch and worked on multiple iterations to arrive at 15 finished layouts. From 15, we could edit down to 5 selects to be included in the book after further refinement.